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En ska bort

Entertainment in real time!

En ska bort

En Ska Bort is a new and very popular studio-based gameshow produced by Elk Format for Sweden’s TV4 channel and in association with the Swedish Postcode Lottery.

The show has a synchronised play-along app created by the digital agency Netlight and powered by Intrasonics. The app enables the TV audience of the show not just to play along for fun but also to win real money.

In the studio, contestants are taken through a ladder of increasingly difficult odd one out questions which are all based on choosing one of four images displayed on a big screen.

At home, viewers running the app can register to play along with each show and can compete with each other and with the studio contestants to win cash from a prize fund of up to SEK1m (circa €100,000).

Because the game is based on images, it is impossible for the home audience to cheat. There is simply not enough time to try to use Google and the play along is restricted to playing only at the time of first broadcast with no PVR or catch-up playing allowed.

App users who register via Facebook can set up teams of their friends to play the quiz together and to compete with each other from their respective living rooms.




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