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Challenge your friends, and the rest of the world. Quizye is your ultimate destination for quizzes on any & every topic.
We’re a creative team of experienced gamers, developers and friends who are passionate about creating awesome products. We’ve worked in the gaming industry for over 10 years but our real driving force comes from being a group of friends who really enjoy competing with each other! We like striving for the best, being the best and it’s safe to say, that we like knowing who’s got the right answer amongst us.
Erica Magnergård
A recurring theme throughout Erica's career has been to focus on digital marketing sales and find new channels and concepts. She has previously been CEO of Familjeprat.no, as well as Head of PR and Marketing for the Modern Women Media and most recently the fertility app NaturalCycles where she was Head of the Nordics.
Best Category: Lifestyle
Tobias Jonnarth
Team Lead/Chief product officer
Tobias is the master brain behind the Quizye concept. He has many years of experience developing and building concepts for a variety of products and companies. With a background in both GUI, design, music as well as application and web development, he grasp our solution from end-to-end
Best Category: Music
Gustaf Hjort af Ornäs
Frontend and Backend architect
Gustaf has been with us since the early days of the project and is our go to guy when it comes to coding. Gustaf is a versatile developer, fluent with the inner workings of the application, both back end and front end. With a solid background in game development and design he holds the key to our perfect game.
Best Category: Trivia
Naeem Arshad
Frontend and Backend Developer
Neeem is the wizard of both our Java back end and our apps. He has a background in Software Engineering & Programming and loves to work with multiple technologies and programming languages
Best Category: Trivia
José González
Backoffice & Backend Developer
Jose is our backoffice & backend developer. He has been around computers since early 90s and has great experience in designing, planing and writing digital solutions for any case.
Best Category: Independent Music
World domination
Join the global playground and answer questions like, “Which monarch ruled over 60% of the world in 1804?” No, it’s not you...not yet anyhow. Quizye gets an unlimited amount of people answering the same questions at the same time. Have what it takes?
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Quizye allows you to compete with your friends anywhere, anytime. Settle this once and for all. Don't wonder who’s got the edge when it comes to Ice Hockey facts anymore. Challenge your friends to a Quizye tournament and have the last word.
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